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Boost sales by helping your customers find the fragrances that define them.

Make better recommendation in both online and brick&mortar stores.

Explore scents, discover fragrances

Tell ScentSee what fragrances your customers already like or are interested in. Receive recommendations on what else they will enjoy.

Zero Knowledge Discovery

Help your customers discover the right fragrance by answering a few lifestyle questions.

Over 20.000 fragrances on file

Our state-of-the-art system indexes customer reviews and expert opinions to compile a database with over 20.000 perfumes. Each one of them is compared to the user's preferences to find the best match.

No sign-up required

Just go ahead and try our API.
No need to sign-up for up to 50 requests per hour.

For experts and novices alike

No matter if your customers are just discovering their first perfumes or they are connoisseurs with refined taste, ScentSee allows you to explore as far as you want to go.

Lightning fast

With response times below 1 second, you can use ScentSee for displaying recommendations in real-time on your website or on devices in your store.

Our Story

Our Story

Our mission is to help fragrance retailers have spot-recommendation for their clients, both online and in-store In an unique blend of technology and art, our team pairs a cloud solution architect and a fragrance consultant.

Our Team

A fragrance connoisseur and a cloud solutions architect working side-by-side to bring the right blend of subject-matter-expertise and technology vision.
Bogdan Bocșe
Bogdan Bocșe
Co-founder / Technology
Raluca Pântrjel
Raluca Pântrjel
Fragrance & Business Development

Help your customers explore the world of fragrance and scent.

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